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Meet Peekaboo! This extremely sweet and tough-as-nails little girl was badly in need of surgery. We picked her up from animal control where she came in with a horribly injured and infected eye. She has now had her surgery to remove her eye. The procedure went very well and she is all healed up! She is fabulous with other cats, dogs, and children. Despite the fact that she must have been in pain with her eye, she was (and is) still super affectionate and very loving. Now that her pain is gone, she starts purring the minute you walk in the room and can't get over to you quick enough to rub up all over you. If you would like to donate to help us cover the cost of her surgery, please visit If you are looking for a very special companion to shower you with lots of love, Peekaboo is the kitty for you!
4/4/17 UPDATE - Due to the appearance of the eye when it was removed, our veterinarian recommended that we send it out for testing. We are extremely saddened to report that it did come back as lymphoma. We are in the process of taking Peekaboo in for some diagnostics to determine what the next steps should be for her. She remains very active and affectionate, always seeking attention from adults, children, dogs, and other cats. She loves lazing about blankets, beds, pillows, anything soft, and rolling over when you walk by to solicit belly rubs.                 


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Adoption Fees

Puppies (< 1 year) - $250      Kittens (< 1 year) - $150
Dogs (1-6 years) - $200          Cats (1-6 years) - $125
Seniors (7 years+) - $150       Seniors (7 years+) - $75

What's included

Rabies and distemper vaccines
Fecal tests (deworming if necessary)
Spay or neuter, Microchipping

FIV & Feline Leukemia testing (cats)
Heartworm testing, treatment & preventative (dogs)

Special Needs

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