and cuddle time with.  They are also excellent at assisting their mama, who is also a foster mom for RHS, socialize other felines that lack some of the needed social skills.  We are happy to see our adoptees in a wonderful home, and thank them for their time working with our adoptable kitties as well!  


distemper virus, she had to fight to survive. This strong-willed and feisty girl prevailed and now is definitely the boss in her forever home. Tootsie dog sits for mama when she's at work and keeps her canine brother Rizzo in line. As a reward for his good behavior, they cuddle up together with mama at bedtime, then wake her up nice and early with their rough-housing before breakfast. 

Sheamus is happy with his new family. He has a new brother Tommy that he plays with and cuddles with. When Sheamus's new mommy came to pick


It was love at first sight when Evo came to live with his foster family. But as fosters know it is going to happen, he was adopted. He was adopted by a good home but they were not prepared for his

He's proven he's happy at his new forever home as he's not tried taking off and is always at his owner's side. This happy boy always has toy in mouth and enjoys time with his canine sis Bailey.

one of their many cat perches.  Nala had a litter of kittens when she first came to us, and often treats Pepper as if he were one of her babies, grooming him and spooning him to keep him safe and snuggly warm. 


concerning behavior issues.  All it took was one wonderful foster mom, a little patience, and some TLC for Daisy to lose the "crazy" where she then won over the hearts of her mom and pop.  She now co-exists happily in a multi-cat home with other RHS adoptees where she enjoys the life of luxury and lots of love. 

Sven & Bianca went to the same furever home together! What a special family to accept the responsibility of keeping siblings of a litter together!

large and lovin' life!!  Lili is beyond content with all the amenities a kitty could ever want. 


Sven  &  Bianca 

Occasionally we take in a pet that requires emergency medical care or has a condition that requires extra funding.

Ringo was a sad sight when he first came to us. We did what we could to heal this ball of energy, but he still was missing a 


chance he gets. He cannot replace the pet that recently crossed over Rainbow Bridge, but he has certainly brought much love and new joy into the home.

Many years of playtime ahead for this family and their loved fur babies!.

Holstein (L), Carter (M), and Steeger (R) formerly known as Han, all RHS alumni, are happy-go-lucky boys.  They have  a canine pal whom all enjoy playtime and

Please visit to see who is in current urgent need and how you can help.

Zoey was dumped at animal control and due to her cat-i-tude we weren't quite sure how she would adjust to a new home. It's great to hear that Zoey is 

and a half, her fur-ever family finally found her and she now spends all her days lounging around and  taking many cat naps in her new found life of luxury. Her new mama keeps in touch with her former foster mom and reports that Cricket couldn’t be happier or more content and completely rules the roost.

loving family came with the intent of adding one kitten to their home (where other RHS alums reside as well!), but both these cuties stole their hears and convinced them that two kitties is better than one!  The boys adjusted quickly to their new home and get along famously with the resident feline crew.


Miss Daisy is a big ol happy girl who enjoys camping with her family and visiting with all the campsite neighbors.


him up, you could see how excited he was; like he knew he was going home!


Romeoville Humane Society

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Tootsie was just a tiny kitten when she came to us with her siblings, and as she had been in contact with the deadly


Duncan is one of our more memorable alums. He came to us with the plan  of TNR and was thought to be the feral neighborhood bully. Turns out this big love bug only wanted

Ming and Kenji, now Gizmo and Peanut, are litter mates who were lucky enough to be adopted together and stay brothers fur-ever.  Their

Reese, Rees-a-Roni, Sir Reesimo, Mooch, all names this handsome fella now answers to. He is one of the happiest cats his mama has

Yes, Lili has her own tablet to watch nature shows!  This totally pampered princess is livin'



Jade was adopted on her 6th birthday and just celebrated her 7th birthday last month (April). She is thriving in her furever home and gets more playful as time goes on. 


human affection and a warm bed to be comfy cozy. He was in rough shape and needed eye surgery, which he recovered from well. As beat up as he was, he won the hearts of his new mama and little girl who keep in touch to let us know he's doing well and how much they adore him and can't imagine their lives without him.  From street cat to being showered with attention and being doted on... Duncan hit the jackpot!


ever seen. Reese loves to play almost as much as he loves to eat and is just a big ol goofball. 


good portion of hair and was fighting his
allergies when his new mama came to see him for the first time. But she loved him anyway. She wasn't scared away by the fact that he would need constant care and diligence to combat his allergies. Now Ringo is happy and healthy and looks like a completely different dog!

Charles very quickly settled in with his new family and is already following around his people and cuddling with all family members every

"Crazy Daisy" was a cat in our care for quite some time because she could not be caged due to lack of socialization and some

She gets long well with the resident felines she now calls her pals.  "Lady Jade's" mama enjoys when she snuggles up next to her at bedtime and treasures her precious girl.

Brownie, the former escape artist, was picked up from Animal Control after repeatedly escaping his previous home.   

Poe stays in touch with Romeoville Humane Society with lots of updates.  He is the picture purrrrrfect kitty who always





size and energy, so he was returned to the foster home he came from. The foster family couldn't let him go twice, so without hesitation, they adopted him. He is the best dog ever. He has an expensive medical condition, but it is worth it to his new family to pay him back for the all the love he has given them even in the short time he has been with them. His favorite place is in the back of the truck!

Nala (left) and Pepper (right), both adopted from Romeoville Humane Society, enjoy their days bird-watching out a window from


Vera Lynn, now renamed Cricket, wants to wish everyone a Happy New Year from her loving new fur-ever home. After being with the Romeoville 

Humane Society for a year

She's been deemed the welcoming committee for the campground.  Daisy came to Romeoville Humane Society from a home that had no time for her and now she is showered with love and playtime each and every day. 

wants to be around his family.  He is a great playmate with the young kids in his home and is always a cuddle bug with mama. 

queen of her furever castle and rules with an iron paw. She has trained the family dog very well and keeps her in line. With a doting mama and papa, Queen Zoey is a very content girl.