Annual Memberships

Individual - $25 yearly

Family - $40 yearly

Senior - $10 yearly

Student - $10 yearly

Business/Agency - $1000 yearly

Type of Membership Lifetime $250.00 USD Beneficiary $2,000.00 USD Best In Show $10,000.00 USD

PLEASE NOTE* We are not set up to sign for court appointed community service hours. Minors looking to fulfill school community service requirements are dealt with on a case by case basis as our public adoption center is hosted in corporate stores and are governed by their store policies. Students should email us to inquire about community service hours. 


Often Romeoville Humane Society needs volunteers to drive animals to and from vet or adoption appointments, or pick up and deliver donations to a given storage location.  Fill out our volunteer application and indicate "transport" and we will get in touch with you.

Foster Homes

Fostering can be a very rewarding way to volunteer your time to the Romeoville Humane Society. Our organization does not have a stand-alone building yet. While we raise funds to make that dream a reality, we need nurturing foster homes to care for the dogs and cats we take in from local animal controls and receive from owner surrenders.

Why is Fostering Rewarding?

Rare is the occasion that one can say they saved a life. That can be said for every one of our foster homes. Our foster homes spare these animals the fate of being put to death if no one takes them from other kill-shelters. Many animals could have harsh survivals if left abandoned on the street. Sometimes, fostering is doubly rewarding because you have the opportunity to nurse a sick or dying cat or dog back to health. Regardless of how mundane or extreme the foster situation is, be assured, YOU ARE SAVING A LIFE!

​ How to become a foster:

The first part to becoming a foster home is to want to help! Next, you will fill out a foster application.
Download your foster application here.
We want the best for our animals so we hold our foster homes to the same standards we expect from potential adopters. After your application has been processed, we will do a veterinary check and contact you regarding our specific procedures. After approval, we can then place an animal in need in your home for you to foster.

Some things to consider before fostering:

 Sponsor a Foster

Fostering is not for everybody. If there is something keeping you from being able to open your home to an animal, please consider sponsoring a foster family. The Department of Agriculture requires all animal foster homes in the state of Illinois be licenses. This license fee is $25. We ask our foster families to pay this fee to help our organization, as we have many fosters and the cost adds up. Would you consider sponsoring a foster family because they do so much already?

Help Wanted

We have many volunteer positions still open in our organization.

Volunteer Application

Benefactor Memberships

Lifetime - $250

Patron - $500

Best In Breed - $2000

Best In Show - $5000

Grand Champion - $100000

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Romeoville Humane Society.

Currently, Romeoville Humane Society does not have a stand-alone building, but we still need many volunteers to foster animals in their homes while we vet them and ready them for adoption in search of their furever family. We also need help caring for and /or handling our animals at different events and our local Adoption Center/partnered Pet Store. Volunteering is a simple process. All you have to do is download the Volunteer Application above and someone will get back to you to discuss your fit. 

Without help from volunteers like YOU, Romeoville Humane Society would cease to function, and we would not be able to save and home the animals we do. Let us know how you would like to help.

Become a Member or Benefactor

Cat Center Care

Romeoville Humane Society houses cats and kittens at a local partnered pet store. We need volunteers to clean the cages, care for, give TLC, and play with the caged cats. Currently, some of our cats are housed at PetSmart in Joliet on Plainfield Rd.

Type of Membership Individual : $25.00 USD - yearly Senior : $10.00 USD - yearly Agency / Business : $1,000.00 USD - yearly


Adoption events are one of the most important avenues for the Romeoville Humane Society to find new homes for our pets because we do not have a building for people to come see and meet our dogs. Because all of our dogs are fostered in residential homes, we need people to pick up and handle the dogs at the adoption events at times when the foster family is unavailable. This can include: walking, nurturing and poop patrol.

Please Leave Us a Message or Send Us a Fax at  877-813-7300

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