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  • Plainfield
    Non-Emergency Police - (815)436-2341
    Will County Animal Control - (815)462-5633
    Help Save Pets - (815)436-2700

  • Naperville
    Non-Emergency Police - (630)420-6666
    Animal Control - (630)420-6178
    A.D.O.P.T. - (630)355-2299
    Naperville Area Humane Society - (630)420-8989

  • Shorewood
    Non-Emergency Police - (815)725-4636
    ​Will County Humane Society - (815)741-0695

Training TIps

Cats and Dogs are different so training them will be different too. Click here to see a few tricks from the experts.

Lost Pets

What do you do if you lost your companion?The first thing to do is call your local animal control or non-emergency police department to let them know your pet is missing. Most lost animals wind up at an animal control facility- the Romeoville Humane Society does not take in any stray animals directly from the streets. According to local ordinances, the animal must spend the town’s allocated time period in the animal control facility before they may be legally transferred to the Romeoville Humane Society. Hopefully your pet has a microchip. This is the best and most effective way to bring your companion home quickly and safely.

You can also contact local veterinarians. This will ensure that if the pet should be brought to them, they can contact you.

If you find a stray, it is very important for you to turn them over to an animal control facility or the local police department. These facilities are equipped to scan the stray, and if they find a microchip, they may be quickly reunited with their owner. Even if the animal does not have a microchip, they might be looking for this animal at the owner’s request. You could be instrumental in reuniting a loving family with their missing pet.


Please visit this page again. We are working on this page to be a place where you can place an ad about your lost pet or place an ad about a pet you have found.

Health Tips

Click Here for a few tips on keeping your furry family safe and healthy

The first and most important thing to do is to take a step back and re-evaluate the situation. Although we might not like how an animal is being treated, it may not be considered illegal. If you feel that an animal is being abused, please call your local police department or animal control warden. As government officials, they are the only ones who can legally remove an animal from a dangerous situation.

If you have questions on whether or not an animal is being abused, call your local humane society. Although they will not be able to legally remove any animals, they can help you determine if it is truly a case of abuse.

Below is a list of offices you could contact in your area.     

  • Romeoville
    Non-Emergency Police - (815)886-7219
    Animal Control - (815)886-1018
    Romeoville Humane Society - (877) 813-7300

  • Bolingbrook
    Non-Emergency Police - (630)226-0600
    Animal Control - (630)759-0332
    Humane Haven - (630)378-4208
    ARF - (630)739-0971

  • Joliet
    Non-Emergency Police - (815)726-2491
    ​Animal Control - (815)725-0333

What is Animal Abuse?

Animal cruelty can take on many forms. From neglect to the intentional torture of an animal, Illinois law identifies these acts as crimes. Neglect situations generally involve the failure to provide the basic duties required of owners, such as: adequate shelter; a sufficient quantity of food and water; veterinary care when needed and humane care and treatment. It is important to understand that the law requires a minimum standard of care. Although an investigation may reveal a level of care different than what may be provided by you or me, it may not be a violation of the law. Acts of cruelty include starving, abandoning, fighting or beating an animal.

For more information on recognizing animal cruelty check out THIS LINK to the ASPCA.

What to do if You Suspect Abuse?